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Privacy policy

Toneji Co., Ltd., recognizing the importance of protecting personal information in a high-speed information communication society, will respect all laws and regulations, as well as other restrictions, on the handling of personal information when working with its customers’ personal information in its operations, and will strive to protect such personal information on the basis of the following policies.


The company will take appropriate measures to protect customers’ personal information in line with the law, and will handle such information carefully so as not cause harm to said customers.

The company will preserve the rights of the customer when obtaining, storing,using, or disclosing their personal information.

The company shall take appropriate safety measures when handling customers’   personal  information, and shall provide notifications to staff, train staff, and direct staff to respect such measures

The company shall likewise require its partner companies handle personal information in an appropriate manner, and direct them to respect such restrictions

The company shall appoint a personal information protection officer, and make clear where the responsibility for such duties lies.

The company shall not disclose customers’ personal information without the prior consent of the customer in question. However, exceptions may be made in the following cases:

1) There are laws or regulations specifying the contrary.

2) It is impractical to obtain the consent of the customer in question, and a life-threatening emergency, or emergency of a similar severity, arises.


The company shall promptly and sincerely respond to any request from the customer to disclose, amend, delete or cease use of their personal information.


The company shall abide by all laws, regulations, and other restrictions regarding the protection of personal information.


The company shall continuously work to revise and improve this personal information protection policy.

April 1, 2018

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