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Winning Strategy for Shortening Working Period

and Reducing Construction Cost


Fasten Quickly with Ease and Safety!

D-Lock is a new creative set of simple 2-piece structured bolts combining functional accessory parts with on-site workability. The product is easy to handle because of a smaller number of parts dramatically resulting in a huge effect of construction cost reduction. At the same time, the risk of parts dropping and losing reduced, which contributes to the improved safety on site.

Features of HugBolt

1)Efficient workable 2-piece structure

D-Lock is simple 2-piece structure that combines/assembles functional accessories beforehand, enhancing on-site workability. This can prevent the accessories from dropping、losing or being forgotten to be assembled and to ensure safe and secure working place.

2)High detent effect

The means of detent generally is a method of using spring washer or double nut While based on the result of performance comparison via using a screw loose tester, we have decided to adopt disc spring that is expected to provide high effects in a more steady manner.

3)Response to compliance

In response to society with compliance strictly observed, we are ready to provide traceability including set-specific lot control, submission of performance table and offer of production control information. You can check axial shear force which is one of the most frequently asked questions in recent days as we test 100% lots and provide the results in the performance table.


Video explaining the features of D-Lock

D-Lock Specification (Standard Product)



Property class:  

4.8 (Nut Property class 5)  

6.8 (Nut Property class 6)

Surface finishing:  

Electroplated coatings of zinc (M12, M16)  

Hot dip galvanized and tin alloy coating (KSG plating)


M8, M10, M12, M16, M20

※Stainless steel product available in sizes marked with ● in the quantity   table on the following page.

※Product with strength category 6.8 available in sizes marked with ★ in   the quantity table on the following page.

※Please feel free to contact us for your desired surface finishing etc.  for other size or only nuts.

■D-Lock (Standard Product) Quantity Table

※Stainless steel product available only in sizes marked with ● in the quantity table

※Product with strength category 6.8 available in sizes marked with ★ in the quantity table  


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