For rust prevention measures in heavy salt damage areas.

Introducing a highly corrosion-resistant.
D-Lock Bolt with a unique top coat added to hot-dip zinc-tin alloy plating.

Highly corrosion resistant D-Lock with unique top coating added to hot-dip zinc-tin alloy plating is now available.
We independently performed a 5,000-hour salt spray test and a combined cycle test (150 cycles), assuming the use in a salt-damaged area, and verified the performance.
Please use it for rust prevention measures in salt-damaged areas.

Salt spray test

We Cleared 5,000 hours, no red rust was found,and white rust was minimized.

Continuous salt spray(JIS  Z  2371)
Test period : 13 October 2019 ~ 8 May 2020

Combined cycle test

Comparison of dissimilar metal contact corrosion.
Rust occurrence status of bolts mounted on high corrosion resistant plated steel sheet.

Combined cycle test(JASO M609)
Test period : 28 May 2019 ~18 July 2019

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