Bolts for temporary construction that can be used again and again


Environmentally Friendly.
Reduce costs at the same time!

HugBolt products have been developed specifically for temporary construction.

They are convenient for workers at worksites. They boost work efficiency and increase the speed of construction.

We recommend giving HugBolt products a try.

Features of HugBolt

1)Large screw-thread pitch

The pitch is twice that of standard products. This means that bolts can be tightened with half the number of rotations, so work can be completed more quickly.

2)Screw thread

The screw thread angle is 90 degrees and the edges are rounded. As a result, the screws are resistant to scratches and can be used again and again. This contributes to eco-friendliness.

3)Size markings

The sizes are printed on the heads of the bolts, so the identification of sizes is easy.

4)Innovative idea for increasing user-friendliness

The bolt heads of M20 and M22, which are frequently used, have been made the same size. This means that a single tool can be used for both bolts.
Also, the different sizes have been given different plating colors in order to further increase user-friendliness.


In the case of HugBolt products, the mechanical properties of each production lot are inspected. (Inspection result documents can be provided.)

Video explaining the features of HugBolt



Property class:
4.8 (Nut Property class 5)
Surface finishing:
Bright chromate conversion coatings
 (M16, M22, M24)
Colored chromate conversion coatings
 (M20, W22)

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